Tales From The Gutter

by Filth

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Tylar gorman
Tylar gorman thumbnail
Tylar gorman Just a really crushingly brutal piece of work right here. Downtempo at its finest right here boys if you haven't picked it up already do it now!!!!
Definitely excited for future releases i want to hear more from these guys pronto \M/ Favorite track: Insomniac.
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez thumbnail
Julio Lopez you have to pick up this album. Tales From the Gutter is filled with heavy and atmospheric dark tones to give you the perfect downtempo album that you are looking for! Other than being genuine dudes, the music is undeniable. Get on it. only five dollars!
Long live the CYC! Favorite track: Manic.
FluBuddy thumbnail
FluBuddy This release, it just gives me chills thinking about it. The vocals are heavy and consistent, the instrumentals behind those vocals will shake your room and make crowds move. PICK THIS UP! Favorite track: Manic.
Sekator thumbnail
Sekator BRILLIANT bone crushing mix of the heaviness of deathcore with the ugliness and slowness of sludge. Lots of ugly atonal elements that just drain the last slivers of hope from your soul.

Absolutely floors me. Favorite track: Collapse.
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released June 16, 2015

Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered By Kevin Newland of Newland Recordings

Artwork By Mark De Gruchy of Landmind Design

All music and lyrics written by Filth



all rights reserved


Filth Shelby, North Carolina

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Track Name: Worm
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.But your life isn't worth honorable mention.The ones you love fall victim to your game,but we all see that you'll never fucking change.Your life is a shadow of its former, seeking instant gratification to numb the pain a little longer.No names and no faces,just bodies in the same situations.You lead them astray as you throw your life away.Deception is your game,purest form,no remorse.Deception is your game purest form,no remorse.No pity for a lifeless corpse.No remorse
Track Name: Manic
I am a damaged man conflicted by both sides of the coin,every thought that comes into your head I hope that I am beginning and end.There is only one rule for this game of life we're in,it's win.Jealousy plagues me and cuts me to the very core.All I want is for you to accept me and be my fucking whore.No,I can't let them see.bury it bury it deep so no one will ever see the monster that dwells in me.All on your knees come see the greatest fraud ever to be seen.A coward who boast about his class and prestige is this really what they think of me? No I can't let them see,bury it bury it deep so no one shall ever see.I will not let them hear the tongues that I speak.My very thoughts seek to betray me.I have fallen from the peak.Into the trenches I shall retreat.I am a damaged man.
Track Name: Insomniac
Just let me fucking sleep forever. I awoke from a dream to see that life is a nightmare,just let me sleep forever.i search for open windows yearning to cure this itch but it's the fear of flying that stops me.I search for open windows yearning to cure this itch,but it's the fear of flying that stops me.Day dreams of my feet dangling from branches that snap,from this heavy burden embedded in my mind.Ill sleep forever if given the chance.Hell's not in my head it's every breath I take and every fucking move I make.I awoke from a dream to see that life is a nightmare.just let me sleep forever.Life is nothingness, and nothingness without an end.But if this is a game,I give up,I can't win.All you inconsiderate fucks,all you sluts made me this way.Coward,liar,fake,faggot, insecure. That's what they'll all say. That's what they'll all say,fake, faggot,insecure. That's what they'll say.But in the end they're left to suffer In this hell everyday.
They will never comprehend this eternal gift of sleep they've placed into my hands.Ever.Lasting.sleep. Ever.lasting.sleep.
Track Name: Collapse
Look into my eyes. This pain will never subside. It's through death that I am truly alive. Here in this shell of a man lies an emptiness so profound the outside world is suffocating him, I'm sure he'll drown. Dragged down.Content with nothing , obsessed with everything. These voices in my head tell me I'll live when I am fucking dead.I'm running out of time.Ask me if I'm ask me if I'm fucking fine.Nothing left to gain,everything left to fucking lose.The world is cold as ice with no regard for life.The cards you are dealt,you have to take them in strife.I have a losing hand.Tell the demon when I dig that I'm the winner in the end.This is how I'll leave my mark.A target on the face of the world.This is how I'll leave my mark.In this shell of a man lies an emptiness so profound.The outside world is suffocating him. I'm sure he'll drown.
Track Name: Desperation
Sinking down into this pit of despair,I take a look around to see how I got here.There is a fear that dwells inside of my mind,constantly plaguing me.I'm at the end of the line.Here all light has ceased to exist.It seems the shadows have become my only friend.The void keeps calling me.Death extends a cold hand,I embrace it.This concept of life I just can't comprehend.Take me to the gallows.Hang this noose around my neck for I know what's next.This world is a living hell,Deep in the dirt is where I'd rather dwell.Life is pointless,full of false promises .It makes me beg for the end.We all where born to suffer, in this hell we call home.Seeking compassion yet we all die alone.Take me to the gallows,hang this noose around my neck,for I know what's next.This world is a living hell deep in the dirt is where I'd rather dwell.Tear my eyes from their sockets, so I don't have to see this travesty of the world
we live in.If I've learned one thing in life there are two things that we all feel,disdain and pain.False emotions are only here to numb the pain a little longer.